7 Words That Changed My Life Forever

A few years ago I was struggling to keep up with the demands of our life. Heck, I still do. There is so much that has to be packed into any given day. And it can be overwhelming before I even get started.

One day I was complaining to a coach of mine about all of the things I HAD to do. I felt like I was spinning plates with every hand. But I also knew all of them were exactly what i was supposed to be doing. My coach interrupted and said, “You know Jess, you don’t HAVE to. You GET to.”

Mind blown.

You don’t HAVE to. You GET to.

Sometimes the stresses of homeschooling can overwhelm you. I get it. I SOOO get it. But as I was scrolling through my pictures from this last month, those 7 words flooded my mind.

We’ve been homeschooling the last year with a great curriculum team called, Mother Goose Time. They have been such a great resource in helping take away the overwhelming nature of teaching my children. They’ve also made the journey pretty fun.


We are sitting at the table today going over our letter cards that my kids carry everywhere. And today, I get it. I don’t HAVE to. I GET to.

And I’m so thankful.



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    Tracy says

    What a good reminder!

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