Africa or Bust!

Africa or Bust!

We’re traveling 10,000 miles around the world today!

Over 10 years ago, I was single looking across the Indian Ocean asking God for revival in the third world. 6 years ago, I married the love of my life in a whirlwind wedding barefoot in the dirt of Mozambique, Africa. A tall, dark, handsome guy from New Orleans ran with me to the ends of the earth, and I was head-over-heels in love with him. From day one, I dreamed of having his babies. I never dreamed the battles that loomed in the horizon.

During the process of grieving the loss of our son, Beau in 2014 and our son, Montgomery in 2015, we began to ask God what we should do with our pain. We didn’t want to give up, or give into our grief. We wanted our grieving to be powerful. We wanted to honor our son’s short lives by bravely daring to trust and believe God in the impossible, in the darkest times. We wanted to have the heart of people who stayed long enough in the dark places to see the light come through. What’s more, we wanted to be living examples of the spirit of adoption.

God began to weave a path for us that would redeem our pain, and the pain of children in Uganda. We were married in Uganda and Mozambique over six years ago. For us, this is a homecoming, and an invitation to stepping back into the promises spoken over us long ago.

In 12 short hours, we’re taking the leap of our lives…

Would you take 2 minutes today and pray out loud for our family? Ask God to show up with His presence in a tangible way in our home daily. Ask Him to wreck us with His love. And ask Him to make a way for the Lamb to receive the reward of His suffering through our little lives.

With love,

The Davis Tribe (Josh, Jess, Jolie, & Tuck)