Bible Verse Memorization in Preschool

Have I tripped you up already? The word, “memorization” can make any homeschooling parent weary. It is a hard line to toe for those of us who grew up in education systems that rewarded memorization over retention.

I was one of those students. I maintained great grades because I was gifted at memorization. However, I retained very little of that information. For most of us on this journey of homeschooling, we have set out on this path because of wanting something better for our children than what we received.

But before you “throw the baby out with the bath water” let me offer a third way.

In preschool, memorization actually is key to learning. Can you still recite songs that you learned in preschool? I can too. They stick with us. So, memorization isn’t always a bad thing.

In our school, we utilize memorization for songs, letters, letter sounds (phonics), numbers, and even memory verses. Each month, our curriculum team Mother Goose Time Curriculum, sends us an “Experiencing God” add-on that includes a variety of ways for us to explore and experience Jesus in our learning. One of those ways is through memory verses.

Now, trust me, I have heard the arguments against Bible memorization. I too want my children to live and breathe the Word. I want for His word to be so richly inside them that they naturally live supernaturally. But without knowing His Word, none of this will be possible.

Here is our June memory verse.


I love these cards and laminate them each month. I also put a key ring on them and keep them for when we travel. Our kids love these and remember them more than anything else we learn.

I’d encourage you to look into memorization in your learning journey as a family. And while you’re at it, check out our resource team at Mother Goose Time.




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