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We had our hearing last week with the National Adoption Council here in Uganda.

Here’s What Happened.

On March 30th, we took a trip to the city of Kampala to receive the news of whether or not we would be approved to foster/adopt in Uganda.

After waiting for 3 hours, we were told that our file was not complete and that we would be denied for another month.

Now, I (Jess) am what they call an ugly crier. We were shocked at the news. Especially since we knew our file was in fact complete. We had checked it and re-checked to avoid this type of situation. So, needless to say we were heartbroken. And ugly-cry I did.

It’s been a long journey. 3 months ago we moved our family 10,000 miles away to the third world all because of a dream. A literal dream. On the morning our son, Beau died, God gave me a dream of a little african girl with BIG eyes like mine that would carry our name and legacy. That dream turned into words of confirmation and the dream of a son from the same african dirt.

Burying two sons was the most devastating time of our lives. But we can tell you from experience that it is getting easier and easier to trust God and believe HIs heart for us in the darkest of times.

WOULD YOU COMMIT TO PRAYING FOR OUR FAMILY FOR 2 minutes a day? When you do, would you pray out loud and call our family by name?

  • Pray for our Government approval meeting this month of April.  Pray that we are approved with no further documents needed.
  • Pray that sickness is far from us. Josh and the kids have had multiple worms in their skin and we are praying they leave and no infection happens.
  • Pray for God’s presence to saturate our home and our ministry times in the villages.
  • Pray for vision and wide-open doors here in Uganda for our family and for those joining us soon.
  • Pray for people. Pray for friends. And pray for more community as we pour our here.
  • Pray that  Glory & Shepherd will join our family very soon.

We would also love to hear from you! Our US phones can still be reached at no cost to you or us. You can call us directly at 985-607-4852.

With Love,

The Davis Tribe

Josh, Jess, Jolie & Tuck

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Welcome to Our Adventure

11960236_10153219188178235_3597973195663587461_nFrom the day we met, we knew God brought us together to raise a family who lived in the reality of God-sized dreams.

We wanted to thank those of you who prayed for us when our sons Beau and Montgomery were stillborn. Thank you for warring with us during another battle that we lost. We know first-hand what it looks like to win battles like these. When our daughter, Jolie Hope was born weighing only a pound, we witnessed her defy every odd thrown her way. We also know how devastating battles lost are. In the wake of losing two sons in such a short time, we’ve been watching for how the God-of-the-angel-armies would fight for our tribe and trump the enemy’s plans in triumph.

Now, God has opened up a door for us to adopt from Uganda, Africa. We were first married in Uganda in 2010 so this country carries much of our heart.

Because we are so thankful for your prayers during some of the lowest times of our lives, we wanted to invite you to be a part of what could be our greatest adventure yet.

Would you help us bring our son and daughter home?

Give to Our Adoption Journey!

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