Creative Tips for Homeschooling While on Vacation

Summer is a great time for family vacations. Since we are a year-round schooling kind of family, vacation posed a new level of preparation for us as a family this year. So I wanted to give you some practical tips for homeschooling while you are on vacation. Trust me – my tips have nothing to do with loading you down with school “work”. Instead, I hope they inspire you for the possibilities of creative learning when you are away from home.

This year, we went to the beach as a family. We had an amazing deal given to us, so we loaded up on a moment’s notice and headed out. Here’s what I brought with me for supplies…


^^^That’s it. So how were we able to learn on the road?

I’m a firm believer that preschoolers and kindergartners need to focus on play as they learn their basics: numbers, letters, phonics (letter sounds), and handwriting. It was amazing to me as I saw my kids reviewing their year of learning on our summer vacation. Here are some examples.

When we arrived at the hotel, our 3 year old was in charge of finding the numbers on the elevator for our floor and finding our room number. He loved hitting the buttons. By the end of our trip – we was the official elevator man and would find and hit the numbers for anyone else who joined our family in the elevator. We counted seashells, and our steps to the car.

I used our letter flags provided by our amazing curriculum company, Mother Goose Time on the beach to go over our letter sounds. The kids would then go and find something that began with that sound (phonics). This is all part of pre-reading fun. And the best part is, we were getting a tan while doing it!

For handwriting, we drew our names in the sand. This was by far our favorite. But all the while we had the best of times together. For us, that’s the entire point of life and learning — to be together as a family.

When I looked at the way our society sets up our days, most families spend very little time together. Everything we own and do has a cost. And for us, a second car or a larger home wasn’t worth the cost of giving up time with each other. I’m really thankful we decided to take the plunge in homeschooling. And I can’t wait to see where our classroom finds us around the world.

How about you? How do you homeschool while on the road?


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