Make no mistake — God is pouring out His love on Baton Rouge! The enemy can bring chaos — but GOD can make chaos HOLY! This is what we are seeing in Louisiana — an outpouring of His heart for a people who have been crushed but NOT abandoned. We are partnering with New Life Church, Pastor Joel Wilson and Micah Ellis who directs Heritage Ranch in Baton Rouge and bringing in our disaster relief teams. We have adult teams and high school teams who will be working on physical debris cleanup and could use cleaning products and masks/gloves/goggles. Pray that God would raise up people with an anointing to facilitate mobilization and distribution efforts!


Those Who Dream, Inc. is mobilizing teams to the flood disaster area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana throughout fall of 2016 to assist in disaster relief efforts for victims and families. We are partnering with New Life Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to feed, clothe and shelter victims. Our teams will be working specifically in debris cleanup, cooking and feeding programs, supply and resource distribution and prayer for families.

Disaster Response Baton Rouge, La