Experiencing God Curriculum from Mother Goose Time

My kids love Jesus. But oftentimes, I am leery about integrating someone else’s bible curriculum into our family. Mostly because I want to make sure we keep freedom as the primary atmosphere in our home. As a missionary I have cringed when I’ve received samples of some bible curriculum for preschoolers that makes a point to limit God’s power or push a specific church agenda. That was, until I met tracy at our curriculum company, Mother Goose Time.

From the moment I saw their Experiencing God curriculum add-ons, I was so excited to find a bible curriculum that was vibrant and colorful, but also allowed for me to be the primary teacher when it comes to explaining the heart of God to my littles.

Take a look at what I receive each month for experiencing God in preschool.


Their ability to design a curriculum that is inviting and aesthetically pleasing is one of the greatest factors that sets Mother Goose Time curriculum a part from their competitors. I actually want to learn with my children. And it’s so refreshing to have graphics that match our century. This wasn’t the case for most of the curriculum companies I looked at before teaching my children.

I also love that I am able to laminate and save a lot of the curriculum pieces I am given. For example, these awesome memory verse cards. I laminate and put them on key rings. I know we will use them for years to come.


The layout of the experiencing God curriculum is also great for churches who are looking for a curriculum for their Sunday school programs. There are four main lessons that correlate with one lesson a week for churches. And each child has a pre-packaged kit with most of the supplies needed to complete the crafts that go with the lessons.


The teacher handbook is light and compact, which I love. Mother Goose time is honestly the most versatile curriculum we have had the privilege of coming in contact with. As a traveling family, we can still fit all of our school needs in a small bag. It gives us freedom to explore the world around us, literally, as a family.


If you’ve been looking for a homeschool add-on for integrating bible into your learning adventures. You might be a parent who wants to more actively engage your child in the bible, or a church leader who is looking for a curriculum to work with your children’s department. In either case, Mother Goose Time Curriculum can serve your family or church family’s needs.

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