Finding Time

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This morning, I should be waking up and celebrating our son Montgomery’s 6 month birthday. After losing two sons I constantly find myself on this roller-coaster-kind-of-ride of attempting to find how to live after my world stopped twice.

In the midst of the chaos that filled most of our lives, I have been intentional about finding time lately to live presently and fully where I am.

I looked at old videos of our kids today, and thought to myself, “Where did the time go?” It seemed like that was literally yesterday and somehow, here we are. I know a lot of you can relate.

Something God has been speaking to me lately is to simplify. We have gotten rid of nearly 50% of our belongings, purged our home, and developed a dream of being much more free as a family. He’s also been reminding me to find time instead of making my daily chaos and to-do list, rule my life.

Our family is a homeschooling, family business, ministry/mission focused, author/writing, all-in kind of family. That means most of my days are crazy. Our home is a school, a church, two different kinds of offices, a play place, a refuge, and more. It represents our world, and sometimes having all the “plates” spinning around us can cause us to lose sight of what matters most: one another.

School for us has to be flexible because our hours are often different day to day. Mother Goose Time is our choice for preschool curriculum. I’ve been so blessed to be apart of the MGT writing team this year. It has allowed me to focus on our big goals for our family, and leave the details to the pros.

I had a day this week where life was hectic. All of the demands of the day pressed on us, and as the sun went down, I had not been able to finish school with the kids. Mother Goose Time has 4 lessons a day that I can choose to use to teach my children. So, in all the craziness that we found ourselves in, school began around the dinner table tonight.

We have been Going on Safari this month. All of our lessons and letters are centered around that theme and the kids are enjoying it so much. Josh and I spent many years in Africa and were married there. We will be adopting from Uganda as well. So this theme means so much to our family.

Tonight, I heard, “Find the time” in the midst of chaos. And you know what? God turned that chaos holy.

Here’s what happened. Laughter. Love. And Learning Together.





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