God’s In A Good Mood….

God is STILL in a GOOD mood…

We’ve had an eventful week here in Uganda. Yesterday, we had all of our money stolen from us. It’s a very frustrating experience being taken advantage of. Add two children in tow and our instincts as parents kick in with full speed! We definitely are praying God restores everything that was taken. At the same time, we know from what we have walked through as a family the last few years, that Craig Morgan was right when he wrote a song called, “This Ain’t Nothing.” 2. That we now have to model to our kids what our reaction and response will be to disappointment. And 3. That God is STILL in a good mood. 

We spent the week encouraging our pastor, Raphael and praying over his land. Soon, it will have a tent pitched which can fit 500 people. We are so excited for their vision and their hard work in Uganda. 

What’s more. We are so thankful for friends like YOU cheering us on along the way. Drop us a message or email. And feel free to give us a call. (You can call our US number and reach us directly for FREE) 985-607-4852 We’d love to connect with you!

With love,
The Davis Tribe (Josh, Jess, Jolie, & Tuck)

Thanks so much to ALL of our friends who have asked how they can send us supplies to Africa! HERE IS OUR AFRICA REGISTRY LINK (click here is our Africa Registry Link and it will open a new page) all of our supplies are shipped directly to our friends in the states who are coming over in March. FULL DISCLOSURE THOUGH: I’m pretty sure I added pepperoni and marshmallows to the list! 🙂