I Can’t Believe I Have A Kindergartener…

“The heart of God towards us is that we would learn to handle tons of freedom.” – Danny Silk

I was so struck by this quote that came across my newsfeed today. As a mom I often wonder if my fear of the unknown with my children hinders the freedom that I so badly want to instill in them. After losing two sons in two years, I unknowingly let fear make vows on my behalf and it kept our family from living in the dreams and daring faith that we once did.

Today while our family played at the beach close by our home, I wondered if I would even know how to handle the amount and kind of freedom that God so desires for me and my tribe. I wondered what that would look like.

Our family has gone after freedom for a long time. It’s been the reason behind jumping all into our family business. We wanted to be free. And that meant living unlike most of the people around us.

It is also the reason we chose to homeschool. Homeschooling has brought our family a type of freedom that I wish I had been able to learn as a child. For our kids, the world is their classroom. But it didn’t happen by chance. We chose each path that we went down. It’s the same as the risks we had to take with business. The same reason why we chose to buy a used van and not have a second vehicle. It’s the same reason why we chose to live below our budget so that we could be free to believe God for the impossible on the other side of the globe. It’s the reason why we even gave away and sold 90% of our belongings this year.

It’s because we so value freedom.

Does this look like the face of someone who is free?


Sometimes I still wonder how the little girl who only had a 50% chance of living — the tiny one pound baby who was the size of a barbie doll when she was born — became this wild and fiery 5 year old. And now, just like that — I have a kindergartener. Two of them in fact…


We value freedom so much that we were determined from day one in our homeschooling journey to equip ourselves with a resource team that expanded our freedom. We were linked up with an incredible curriculum company called Mother Goose Time.

Because of their amazing resources our family is experiencing a level of freedom that we haven’t in years past. Do yourself a favor and find your team — your village. Because life is much more free when others help you dare to believe the impossible dreams that you carry inside of you.



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