We’d love to come along side you to help you partner with God to live His dreams for you! Invite Josh & Jess and their ministry team to speak at your church, event or ministry school.


Our Favorite Topics Are:


‘Hearing God’s Voice & Prophetic Activation’

Our greatest joy in ministry is to carry God’s heart to others and equip them to hear Him for themselves. What does it mean to hear God’s voice?  And how can we communicate it in creative, effective and relevant ways? Let us spend time praying over your church, worshipping with you and speaking life into His promises for you.


‘Say Yes’

We’ve been invited to step into the promises of God for our lives, but also to jump into already-paved paths that have been marked by those who have gone before us. Are you ready for your own run-in with destiny? It’s time to take hold of the promises in your life and watch the world around you shake from the aftershocks of your own meeting with God. It all began with a simple, “yes!”


‘Sent Out With His Presence’

Constantly being refilled with the Holy Spirit’s presence gives us fuel for the journey ahead. Believe us, you will need it! Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He left those who loved Him with a couple of gifts. One was peace. His peace would be unlike what they had experienced in the world around them. Looking at them, Jesus got close one last time. He was so close that they could feel His breath. And without explanation, He blew on them! Breathing His breath, He said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. I am sending you now just as My Father sent Me. You are to do what I do. Got it?”


‘When Your Dream Dies’

Not all of us have experienced the death of a child, but most of us can relate to experiencing the death of something very valuable to us — and the death of dreams. Even in your ashes, we want to call out the beauty that God is rising in your life. As those who know what its like to walk through trauma and tragedy, we want to speak comfort over you. We pray that God would overwhelm you with the awareness of just how close He is to the brokenhearted, and that He would empower you to call out beauty from the ashes of a dying world.


‘Living In Love’

There is something about this process of carrying the promise where God desires to grow more love in you. And He wants to know what you are saying to Him. And for some of us, our love has grown cold. When we begin to live out of being in love with Jesus, things around us will change. They will not change because of who we are, but Who we have joined ourselves to. Does your heart need to be awakened again? We want to tell your hearts to come alive and know the reality of what living in Love with Jesus means.


‘Living in the Spirit of Adoption’

God created us for royalty. He chases after us, is jealous for us, and loves us with a love that is always overwhelming! How do we overcome the orphan mentality, and what does it practically mean to live as sons & daughters of a kingdom that sometimes seems foreign to our earthly environment? Becoming sons and daughters equips us with a charge to becoming mothers and fathers who carry the same royal mandate into the earth. God doesn’t just want you to overcome an orphan spirit. He wants to use you to transform orphans around the world into Heaven’s kids! Your role is irreplaceable.


‘Dreaming God’s Dreams For Your Family’

God is more committed to your dreams than you are because they find their beginning in Him. They are His! You were a dream in God’s heart since before time begin, and He’s even more interested in fulfilling your destiny than you are! How do you discover those dreams hidden so deep you don’t even want to admit them? How do you overcome obstacles like disappointment, finances, rejection, striving and more so you can fully live in your destiny? Only you can do what you do in the way that you do it. No dream is too ‘big’ and no dream is too ‘small’. We want to help you take on your mountains with resolve that makes your obstacles into launching pads for your God-sized dreams. We will call out the gold in you and give God time to awaken your hearts to His vision for your life.


‘Your Story Isn’t Over’

We definitely understand the death of dreams. We’ve been there. Burying two sons completely changed our lives. Heaven, too lost a Son. Where was God when He himself needed a miracle? The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is so revealing on answering that gut-wrenching question of the hurting of where is God in our suffering? If the confusion of why haunts you and your faith feels broken, we want to remind you of who He is — and that your story isn’t over.


‘Does Jesus Walk Around Your Home? | How to Raise Kids Who Cultivate A History with God’

God’s heart is that your family would walk in the fullness of His heart for your lives, together. Raising our kids in God’s presence is more than attempting a glorified Sunday school. It is the very essence of the calling we have as parents –to help them cultivate a personal history with Jesus. And what we teach them will determine how soon they begin to walk in their destinies — and the fullness in which they walk it out. So how do we help our kids cultivate their own history with God?


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