It’s Time to Believe God For a Nation… {Take a Look at our New Life in Uganda!}

It’s Time to Believe God For a Nation… {Take a Look at our New Life in Uganda!}

In Your Presence, We Find Life…

7 years ago when Josh and I were caught in a whirlwind of love and possibilities as we started our life in Africa, the road I dreamed we would walk looked very different than the one we are now on. Today, we find ourselves on that same dirt road in Africa’s heart, only this time, we’ve found Him in the middle of our deepest fears, our deepest grief, and watching first-hand the resurrection of His dreams for our lives. 

We’ve found ourselves desperate for His presence and hungry for all that He has for our nation, but also more broken than ever before. When we buried our sons, 2 in 2 years, I felt like my dreams were gone forever. Throughout that time, we never for a moment believed that God’s heart for us had changed, but deep down, we lost a big part of ourselves, our marriage, our belief in God’s presence in the impossible. 

Yesterday we were heading to a ministry location and had to stop at a funeral shack on the side of the road to ask for directions. 90% of the coffins — freshly carved and laying out in the sun — were for babies and small children. I couldn’t take a picture to show you, but the ache that we felt in burying our dreams, 2 healthy, and chubby baby boys, came rushing back over us. 

Here, losing children is not unique. We aren’t alone. Everywhere we turn, we meet grieving mothers who cry out for babies who should be here but aren’t, and fathers who quietly mask their pain. That’s the nature of grief — it’s universal and it spans cultures. 

Maybe this is what Jesus was speaking about when He called those poor in spirit, the blessed ones. Those that have lost everything they’ve ever hoped for — those who have buried their dreams — those with nothing left but a heart yielded and hungry for Him. Maybe that’s what He meant when He said those that mourn will encounter the COMFORTER face-to-face. Maybe that’s the divine exchange where suffering dances with joy. It’s His presence in our pain, our ache, our deep regret, and our biggest fears… It’s revival turned upside-down. 

With love,
The Davis Tribe (Josh, Jess, Jolie, & Tuck)

Let us tell you what YOU have done in Africa this month! We now have 2 monthly supporters on our team. Know that all support from our team goes towards ministry here in Uganda. Our family works 3rd shift here to fund our expenses while living in Africa. So you can rest assured that your giving goes directly to investing in revival here in Uganda. 

This month your support helped fuel an amazing vision from a good friend of ours, Pastor Raphael in Kampala, Uganda. We were able to paint his church and speak life into the dream God has given his family. Pastor Raphael and his wife lost a baby at birth as well. They took so much time to minister to our hearts as we shared our like-hearted stories. 

Thank YOU for changing the world for those in Uganda! 

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