Living Supernaturally While Homeschooling


It’s no secret we love Jesus. He is the reason we breathe, and we as a family have set ourselves to living out His dreams for us in each day we are given.

I meet many families who desire to live their lives supernaturally but don’t know where to start in bringing their children into that process. Usually the answers I give them aren’t what they are looking for.

Yes, we’ve traveled the world. We’ve seen the blind see and hundreds if not thousands of people come running to the Anointed One — this man, Jesus whose coming turned the world upside-down, and whose return will be the same. People often get excited about the wild stories we share about God working in the earth. They want the same results without the cost of getting there.

Because the truth is, there is a cost.

The same is true with teaching our children about God while they are little. I still remember the night when Tuck, our 3-year-old said he saw angels in our home. Everyone was so excited and in awe of his child-like faith. But in the next breath he said, “I’m going to trap them”. I wanted to roll on the floor with laughter. I think all of us did.

And that may be the point. Living supernaturally is natural to us. But we can’t get anywhere without a foundation. That’s why I am so passionate about laying a foundation of scripture in my children’s lives. They may have all the supernatural experiences God can give, but without His word to navigate them, they miss out on so much more of who He is.


I spend much of my time instilling the basics of God’s word in my kids. Our amazing curriculum team, Mother Goose Time has great tools in making sure our kids have His word integrated into their learning.

How do you integrate God into your learning? Are you living God’s dreams for your life? For your family?

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