Mother Goose Time Summer Review Tools

Summer is such an exciting time for our family. For yours too, we hope. I love that instead of looking forward to school being out for the summer, my kids have learned to be excited about making learning a lifestyle year-round. We love learning! What’s more is that our schooling team, Mother Goose Time Curriculum gives us such amazing resources that we utilize in the summer for review.

Let me show you some of our tools…


These are our alphabet flags. They are literally my favorite thing that I have in regards to schooling. I laminate them and punched holes in them with binder rings so that we could use these for years to come. Keep in mind that kindergarten and first grade is so focused on phonemic awareness that our letters are so very important and useful. I also love that these tools are portable. As a traveling family, we can do school anywhere. That’s the greatest gift our family has received through taking the leap into homeschooling. The world is our classroom.

Here is the back of these flags:


The other we-can’t-leave-home-without-it tool from Mother Goose Time is our letter review books.


My kids love these because they are just their size and they can review their letters whenever they’d like. They often “play” school and will reenact our class times. I laminated and put these on rings as well for longevity purposes.


You can also use these for sight word practice. We do not learn site words until kindergarten. But Mother Goose Time does a great job of giving preschoolers a head start on this area. And no matter what your preference on timing for introducing different parts of the foundation to learning to read, these resources are yours to keep with Mother Goose Time. You can use them for years to come!

Our single greatest focus this summer is review when it comes to our letters and letter sounds. I am a big believer in building a great foundation in phonemic awareness before thrusting kids prematurely into beginning reading. If your child has a strong foundation in phonics, reading will follow.

How do you use your summer for schooling? What are your goals for this season as a family?



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