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Only people who have been desert trained, can be true prophets. Only people who have been broken can bring outrageous healing and wholeness. Those who know hiddenness with God, get to revel in Manifest Presence. When you can truly dwell amongst the poorest you can be trusted with Heaven’s riches. Those who suffer at the hands of a sin-sick world can take captivity captive. To become the friends of God we must learn obedience as humble servants.

Can you see the pattern of God’s dealings? This is not a “made for TV” spiritual life where everything turns out right between the last set of commercials and the credits. Our passion for God and our compassion for people are tested continuously, so that our identity develops to the same height as the Father’s intentionality. What would it take for you to believe that God is Unceasingly Magnificent to you always, even in the midst of personal pain and tragedy?

Jess knows the kiss of God. She has been to hell and prospered. She knows the heights and the depths of God’s love. If you are fortunate enough to be called to an outrageous life of fellowship with God then this is your manual, your journal and the outline to your story. Only the brave will read it!

Graham Cooke
Author and Speaker



There is much being written on the Love of God these days, and rightly so, it is the desperately needed message of the hour. Jessica’s book is the gripping story of what happens to a human heart once it has been seized by the radical love of God. It will inspire you to lay hold of the Great Commandment and then the Great Commission, so that you too will become a laid down lover for the Kingdom of God.

John Arnott
Founding Pastor, TACF and Catch the Fire Ministries,

“What an incredible book! “For Love’s Sake” will teach you how to love, with actions way beyond words. There  is a depth of love that can only be found by walking through wickedness and hatred, a love that produces freedom only through ultimate surrender. You will be challenged—and changed—by Jessica’s story of learning to love.”

Wesley and Stacey Campbell
RevivalNOW Ministries; Be A Hero; board members, Iris Ministries

To truly know Love is then to be love. Jessica is one that has embraced a lifestyle of the heart of Jesus. She is taking the message of loving the widowed, the orphaned and the poor, out of the four walls of the church. She is a voice calling out, “Come, join the laid down lovers of Jesus Christ”.

“For Love’s Sake” is not a book for the satisfied, this is a radical look into the sometimes brutal reality of life without hope. Jessica shares her stories across the globe, as she is “compelled by the gaze of Love”. She writes the “chronicles of the nobodies” in the hopes that the reader too, will be captivated by God’s heart and say yes to making a difference. There are great joys, unimaginable heartaches and yet, triumph prevails. I invite you to join the author on this journey of a lifetime.

Randy Clark (President)
Apostolic Network of Global Awakening
Mechanicsburg, PA

Listen to a totally surrendered life that captures the attention of Heaven, opening your ears to hear the call of God for the poor of the earth. Step into the journey of abandonment through the prophetic story of Mary — the mother of Jesus — together with Jess’ raw missionary experiences. This book will grip your heart for the poor and impart God’s heart cry to you!

Chè Ahn
Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church
President and Founder, Harvest International Ministry

Jessica’s book, “For Love’s Sake,” carries the heartbeat of one of those who hungered for faith and found it… one who longed for fulfilled destiny and discovered it… one who longed to fulfill the dream that God had placed in her and is living it! I was moved by the relationship that Jessica placed upon cost and love, suffering and joy! It is evident that the maturity God has grown in Jessica, releases something that we all need to hear and makes this book worthy of the read. I truly am looking forward to hearing of the impact that this book on many lives looking to fulfill the dreams they have too!

Danny Steyne, Mountain Of Worship

The journey that Jessica Orr-Davis bids us—dares us—to join is a journey with Jesus and “the least of these,” who in the Upside-Down Kingdom turn out to be the teachers of those who have ears to hear. Jessica has provided supportive encouragement to us by recounting her own story of God’s miraculous hand in her journeys around the world. For Love’s Sake is also worth the read just for the imaginative and powerful way Jessica has interwoven the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, throughout her own narrative. Allowing God to overshadow us, as Mary did, is the vital key to receiving and living the kingdom journey.

Dr. John Hurtgen
Dean, School of Theology, Campbellsville University
Campbellsville, Kentucky. USA

Virgil, one of Rome’s greatest poets said, “Love conquers all”. The Beatles said, “All You Need Is Love”. The ancient Greeks made a practice of analyzing love until it was almost beyond recognition. Shamans, Poets, Philosophers, Preachers, Rabbis and Sages have endeavored to define this mystery for the rest of us. However, when the music is over and the dancing has stopped, when words are powerless and voices of reason are silent, God watches for opportunities to awaken that indescribable force in us… God who is Love, has given Jessica a special grace to remind us all that demonstrations are more powerful than definitions, and that in the end, Love never fails.

Ray Hughes
Selah Ministries

From the Back Cover
“For Love’s Sake” weaves the real-life stories of two young women–Jessica J. Davis and Mary the mother of Jesus–into a supernatural adventure. Both women took big leaps of faith to journey deeper into the heart of God. Jessica leaves middle-class America the day after high school graduation to travel throughout Africa ministering to the poor. She discovers how the vibrant land and amazing people reveal the upside-down nature of God’s Kingdom. Mary was called to bridge Heaven and earth by bringing life to a new movement of God into the world around her. They both experience great joy and profound sorrow. “For Love’s Sake” opens the camouflaged “back door” of missions–living in outrageous fellowship with God–onto roads packed with heavenly encounters, miracles, and the reality of suffering in war zones. With captivating transparency, “For Love’s Sake” is a wide-open stare into one woman’s fascinating trek with the poor, a brutal attack and threat on her life, and her honest reflections of the good, the bad, and the ugly underside of a life laid down for love.

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Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Destiny Image (December 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 076843680X
ISBN-13: 978-0768436808
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  1. ThoseWhoDream

    5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating, Courageous, Compelling!
    By Luke Martin on May 26, 2016
    Format: Paperback
    Jessica tells the captivating story of her courageous journey around the world. Motivated and compelled by her personal relationship with Jesus, she left all that was dear, her comfortable life in the states to pursue a God who loves being pursued.

    Her servant heart, selfless nature and love for the poor is apparent on every page, and yet there are clearly times where Jessica could have done with receiving love and support herself. It is clear on every page that she lives a surrendered life of serving God, through her friendship with God.

    There is tragedy amongst joy, love amongst fear of the unknown and hope found in adversity.

    ‘For Love’s Sake’ is a great read! It is heart-warming, challenging, open and well-written. If you are seeking God, hungry to learn more about selfless faith or just interested in reading a great tale of someone totally sold out for the life of mission, buy this book!

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