{About Josh & Jess}

Our story started with the typical, “Boy meets girl” intro. But the rest is hardly today’s normal story of romance.

Boy meets girl…

Boy asks girl to marry him the day after meeting her family.

6 weeks after they first meet, boy travels with a team to the ends of the earth for the same girl.Together, they lead a team across six nations.

Boy & Girl get married under the African stars.

And God showed up…

{About Jess}

My earliest memories are filled with dreams of being called, “Mommy”. I was the kid who lugged around an over-sized diaper bag as a child pretending to be the mother of many. I put everything in that diaper bag, even a live raccoon once (no joke!) but that bag carried my dreams. Dreams that one day it would be time to live out those hopes. And eventually, that day came.

Becoming a mother has been the greatest dream of my life. I chased those dreams all around the world loving on children that were not my own in some of the poorest patches of dirt I could find. And when it became my turn to walk in that reality myself, I found out that my fairytale had become a war zone.

I married the love of my life in a whirlwind wedding barefoot in the dirt of Mozambique, Africa. A tall, dark, handsome guy from New Orleans ran with me to the ends of the earth, and I was head-over-heels in love with him. From day one, I dreamed of having his babies. I never dreamed the battles that loomed in the horizon.

2014 and 2015 have been the hardest years we have ever walked through as a family. In August of 2014, our son, Beau’s heart stopped beating just a few days before birth. I hoped again very publicly in announcing we were pregnant with our fourth baby soon after. In July of 2015, our son Montgomery passed away at birth as well. Those boys were everything my heart always hoped for. I carried those boys for 10 months. I named them. Dreamed of them, sang to them.

I was thirteen years old the night Jesus met me in an attic room of our old farmhouse. That’s the day my life changed forever. A decade later, I had watched Him come running to the broken in 20 countries. I watched cataracts fall from a blind man’s eyes under the light of an African moon. And I married the love of my life who shared a heart for God and the world under that same African sky. But the greatest miracle I have ever witnessed was when my first baby — born much too soon weighing only a pound — came crashing into my world. We watched as God proved Himself strong through her and she is now a thriving four year old with no deficits.

My story used to end there — with a miraculous telling of a baby who shouldn’t have lived and did. People lit up my social media pages with “God is good” and rightly so. He is. He always is. But my story — our story– changed again one rainy morning in August when our third baby, Beau was born sleeping. I’ll never forget the sound of the rain that morning on the window, or the fear and shame I had of letting the world know that God did not answer our prayers. And even in the midst of daring hope, we learned that lightening can strike twice, and we left the hospital again with empty arms and faced with writing another obituary and funeral for a son we would never be able to hold again in this life.

“I couldn’t write it — but my spirit ached with the awareness that He still was good. He still was there — HERE. He had never left.”

From the day we met, we knew God brought us together to raise a family who lived in the reality of God-sized dreams.

We wanted to thank those of you who prayed for us when our sons Beau and Montgomery were stillborn. Thank you for warring with us during another battle that we lost. We know first-hand what it looks like to win battles like these. When our daughter, Jolie Hope was born weighing only a pound, we witnessed her defy every odd thrown her way. We also know how devastating battles lost are. In the wake of losing two sons in such a short time, we’ve been watching for how the God-of-the-angel-armies would fight for our tribe and trump the enemy’s plans in triumph.

Now, God has opened up a door for us to adopt from Uganda, Africa. We were first married in Uganda in 2010 so this country carries much of our heart.