Summer Review for incoming Kindergarteners

Yes, we are those people. The kind that school through summer. But not for the reason you might be thinking.

We homeschool through summer because we’ve been able to create a lifestyle of learning in our family. Our kids love learning. They don’t have the misfortune of believing that learning is meant to be had between four walls. They have really learned that the world is their classroom.

We currently have a 4-year-old who will be 5 in kindergarten and a 3 year-old who will be 4 in kindergarten. Since our 3 year old has passed his kindergarten assessment, he will be joining his sister in kindergarten this coming school year. I’m thrilled because I get to keep both my kids in the same grade — one curriculum, one lesson plan, etc. And my kids are thrilled because they love learning together.

One of the greatest review suggestions I have for moms of incoming kindergarteners is to focus your summer on phonemic awareness — that is, letter’s and the sounds they make. I also encourage moms to search for a checklist for their child’s incoming grade and its requirements. For me this gives me an assessment that I can look at for each of my children. I can see what they are proficient at and what they may need help in. And that’s how I structure our summers. I use the word structure loosely because summer and all year really, our schedule is flexible depending on our family’s goals and priorities.

Today, we have been reviewing letter “A”. We were able to make an alligator and paint which is my children’s favorite activity. I often get asked how I come up with great craft activities to reinforce our lessons. I always laugh when I hear that question because of the answer. The answer is, I don’t. I have a great homeschooling resource team at Mother Goose Time Curriculum. They have made our learning journey this year that much more amazing by providing our family with pre-packed lesson plans and themes for our lessons. I love it because the time I save not having to prep means that I can create more lasting memories with my kids.

Happy summer! What dreams is your family chasing this season?



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