Tailoring Your Curriculum to Fit Your Homeschooling Needs

For the last year our family has been teaming up with an amazing curriculum company called Mother Goose Time. I stumbled across their amazing resources after being overwhelmed and stressed at how to go about homeschooling my tribe. It’s one of the best decisions our family has ever made.

Now, I know many veteran homeschooling moms who have sworn off curriculum use in homeschooling. While I understand where they are coming from, I wholeheartedly believe that giving yourself a place to work from in beginning to teach your children is a must. For many of us moms who have embraced this lifestyle, we carry many hats. I cram 3 full-time jobs and more into my every-day schedule. It’s tough. It requires many cups of coffee but it is our life . And honestly, I wouldn’t want it any different.

But as a mom launching out into the deep of learning with my kids, I needed an anchor. I needed a map. I needed help in navigating where I was going. Even if the wind would blow and we would move in another direction, if I didn’t have a boat to travel on, I would be braving an unknown “ocean” of learning with nothing. That didn’t sound like a good plan for me.

I found Mother Goose Time through another mom who was blogging about her journey. I loved their illustrations because I was so put off by curriculum companies that hadn’t changed their illustrational content in decades.

Let me invite you into how our family customizes our learning journey with Mother Goose Time.


Each month we are sent a large box with 90% of everything we will need for that month. All of our crafts are pre-prepped and ready. Honestly, all I have had to purchase this last year was crayons, paint and scissors. I saved myself hours of time prepping projects through utilizing this great team.

The two tools I use each month to customize is our planning journal and teacher guide.


Our family has started a 4 day a week homeschooling plan. This helps us with all of the other goals we have for our lifestyle. I will go through the planning journal and circle which crafts fit our family best for that month. I love how they show us what the finished products look like. It helps me stay excited about what we are doing.


Next I go through our teacher guide. Each day has 4 lessons that can be included. We customize which work for our goals that day. And I create my own version of the day by utilizing the black planning section in our learning journal here.



What is even more amazing is that our curriculum is quite portable. As a traveling family this has made me feel freedom in teaching and learning with my kids.

How do you customize your curriculum to meet your family’s learning needs?

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