We Believe

We believe God has always been speaking. He spoke and life came rushing forth, the universe twirled into place and both the unseen and the seen were created. Everything that is has been made from His Word – the powerful prophetic breath from His lips.

We believe that God the Father made us, you and me, and all those who have ever graced the earth. You and I were created for His pleasure and for the overwhelming abundance of His love. We were made for Love. And we have been invited to be known and loved by Him. He made us because He loves us.

We believe Jesus left glory for the dirt, was born from a virgin who was brave enough to say yes to being a carrier of God in the earth. He lived doing what He saw His Father doing and carried the reality of living lower still, even death on the cross. He paid death’s ransom for you and for us. Because of the gift of His life, and His sacrifice, we are now His.

We believe that Heaven danced with earth on His cross and that everything He did on that cross is ours to receive. And that we can receive by faith alone. We believe that Holy Spirit lives and breathes in you and me and gives us strength when we are weak, helps us grace the earth with fruit, and gifts us with power to walk in the earth as Jesus did. We believe Him when He said we were meant for greater things than these. Our invitation is continual to be filled again and again in His love, His fire, and His Spirit.

We believe God is still speaking, He is still healing, and that miracles are normal to those who live in Him. We believe that everything in His Word is available to us to live out by faith. Most of all, we believe that without Him we can do nothing.

We believe that Jesus is the Word of God and that all scripture is God-breathed and true, and that it lights the way for us as we follow His lead.

We believe in His never ending kingdom that is upside-down. Where the poor are blessedly rich and the hungry are always filled. Where the least and the ones that are last are now the first and greatest and that our King leads the way by washing the feet of those who follow Him. 

We believe that those who live in Love with God find Him in their midst. Our journey is that road to His heart. We believe that revival can be found anywhere by those who are brave enough to stay long enough in the dark places to watch His light come bursting through. We believe that a prophetic perspective gives us eyes to see Heaven dance with earth. Most of all we believe that this journey is for you too. You are loved wildly by Him.