We made it to Uganda

72 hours ago, we moved our family 10,000 miles away to the third world…

Nelson Mandela once said, “Everything seems impossible until it’s done.” This rings so true for us as we woke up this morning in a tiny little house in Uganda. Above you can see pictures of Jolie and Tuck making friends already. They are naturals at integrating into cultures. That’s the beauty of the child-like, eh?

We’ve been busy since arriving, just getting set up. You’d be amazed at how long it has taken just to get water and basic things that we need. It has been a constant time of uncertainty as we are learning to trust God in the impossible.

We wanted to thank you so very much for praying for our family in our BIG MOVE! We are tired and expectant at what God is going to show us here. But we can’t continue this without YOU.

We were so grateful for 2 monthly supporters who emailed us to let us know they wanted to join our monthly team by supporting our ministry each month and committing to praying with and for us. Now, we only need 20 more monthly support team members to be able to continue our work here in Uganda.

Would you consider being a part of our monthly team? Email us at Monthly or one-time donations can be given through the ways below or Tax deductible donations can be sent to Williamsburg UMC 330 Gay Street, Williamsburg, OH 45176.

With love,
The Davis Tribe (Josh, Jess, Jolie, & Tuck)